Merchandising Suggestions

Long before I got into the fashion industry – I loved to shop at thrift stores and international markets. It was all about the discovery for me. I wanted something new that nobody else had or I wanted to wear it in a new and different way.

When Anthropologie opened their stores a few years later – I couldn’t be more thrilled! Each environment they create tells a story and inspires me. They capture my attention with beautiful eye-catching displays and stimulate my imagination by creating connections and mixes I’ve never seen before.

In the following images I give you a few suggestions to merchandise ADA belts.

The biggest and most important advice I can give you is to put together outfits for your customers and give them ideas of how belts can transform their look.

Putting together complete outfits on mannequins, laid out on tables, hung up on walls, hooked on end caps and even on you – will allow you to tell a story through your styling and make your customers’ experience more impactful.


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