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A Collection Built On Love

Along the way
Ada met Gaston


Coincidentally, while falling in love with the country’s elegant fashion and lush leathers, she also fell in love with her business partner and now husband, Gaston Deferrari.

Two days into her first trip to Argentina, Ada met Gaston. Both down to earth yet full of energy, they shared the same sarcastic sense of humor, commitment to family, and interest in design – a perfect match. One week later, they had their first date--on Valentine's Day. Gaston surprised Ada with a nighttime picnic overlooking the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, and in the following weeks continued to romance the still wavering Ada with his sharp wit and playful charm. Finally, after winning over her visiting family, Gaston officially sealed his place in Ada's heart. A year later, they were married.

Gaston was the final piece of the puzzle. His business acumen, forward thinking and general optimism gave Ada that final push to finalize her collection. Gaston knew that their combined work ethic, marketing instincts, and Ada's beautiful, high quality products were something worth investing in. He sold the thriving print shop company he had founded in Buenos Aires, and moved to California where Gaston and Ada run what is today, ADA Collection. Since the first collection hit California boutiques in the fall of 2004, ADA belts are now found in over 2000 retail stores across the world, garnering attention from celebrities like Heidi Klum in her daily wardrobe and Giuliana Rancic.