Ada's Styling Tips & Picks

ADA's styling tips and picks
How to wear one belt – an electric blue wrap belt - with multiple outfits for different occasions … In this video... You'll find out how you can take our electric blue wrap belt (or any color for that matter) and style your customers 4 different ways. This will also increase your bottom line.
If you thought we would only show you how to restyle the electric blue wrap belt, in the below video you will see how you can take a softer peach color wrap belt and reinvent multiple looks as well.
The Harlow is that statement accessory that you can add to a neutral outfit and give it some flare. Watch the video and get inspiration on how to accessorize the NEW Harlow belt!
Always classic, understated, elegant... and super boring if you don’t accessorize! Accessories are the easiest, versatile and least expensive way to add personality to any outfit through scarves, earrings, necklaces and... yes, belts! You can really experiment wearing colors you’d never think you could pull off in a top or a jacket. Watch the video and get inspiration on how to accessorize the NEW CECE belt!
If I told you that there was a trick to make every outfit more flattering, would you want to know what it was? Of course, you would. If I told you it was a belt, which it is, you’d want to know which belt to wear for your body type... and this is actually a loaded question. Which Ada answers in the video below!
As a stylist one of the things that Ada does with her clients is go through their closet and yes, detox.... But also figure out what their missing to create a balanced wardrobe. And you know what she finds that MOST women are missing? The basics!
The colors, patterns and everything match, but what’s off is the proportion of the outfit. Your top might be too long, or pants too short. What you’re unconsciously doing is breaking the Rule of Thirds. Watch the video below to see how adding a jean belt can fix this and take you from feeling frumpy to feeling fabulous.
Some of your customers have a short waist, like Ada and there are days that they will feel like no tops ever fit. This video shows you how to be their guardian angel and how to style them with the midi wrap belt or the classic wrap belt depending on the length of their torso. There is also a bonus quick length measuring guide below the video. 

Every woman of every shape and body type can wear any belt. It’s more about the canvas, the outfit, that you’re styling with the belt.

So remember, first chose a strategic outfit to rock your shape and add a belt for color, texture and to define your waist.

This season animal print has been the standout trend. There’s some amazing snake-print pieces but the classic cheetah look is so chic and timeless.
Ada's go-to accessory, that is practical for holding up pants and filling in the loop holes of all jeans …Is this classic, but edgy Cheetah belt that is undoubtedly replacing her classier belts at the very moment.
If you’re hoping for a subtler approach to a classic trend, you’ll love the Cheetah belt. Watch the video below for a closer look and see how versatile this belt can be with holes all around and savvy hook closure that will leave no tail behind.
Ada goes over our top metallics and how you can incorporate them into your styling. Classy enough for a little black dress, a dinner date, or date with your girlfriends. Watch the video for inspiration and grab your mettallics TODAY (Link below video to shop)!

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