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Belt Styling & Merchandising by Ada

Chic & Strategic: Belt Styling and Merchandising Tips from Founder, Ada

In this exclusive and rapid belt workshop, Ada delves into:

  • The art of belt tying, empowering you to confidently style your customers.
  • Innovative belt styling techniques to inspire the creation of stunning waistlines over dresses, cardigans, jumpsuits, blazers, and more.
  • Strategic belt display methods in your store for irresistibly eye-catching selections.
  • Our remarkable sustainability journey aimed at reducing carbon footprint and meticulously handcrafting each piece.
  • Proven strategies for catapulting your belt and clothing sales through the incorporation of belts.

Want the opportunity to explore more ways belts can boost clothing sales in your store AND discuss strategies for enhancing overall profitability? 

CLICK HERE to schedule your virtual face-to-face belt workshop with Ada! 

About Ada:

Ada is not your average designer. As a fashion accessory innovator and former personal stylist turned educator, Ada shares her two decades of industry expertise with retail boutique owners. She has collaborated with renowned department stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales, as well as an extensive network of over 12k store retailers. Ada offers her wealth of knowledge through courses, coaching, and exclusive one-on-one mentorship sessions.