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Meet the Collection

Handmade in Argentina


There's nothing like Argentinian leather. The pervasive Italian influence and craftsmanship in Argentina, the vast cattle ranches, and the steadfast appreciation for tradition all ensure that this leather is the highest possible quality. ADA Collection was built on that exceptional quality and is proud to be defined by it. We use only the finest of leathers in our products, constructed by the skilled artisans of Buenos Aires using Ada's visionary designs.

On your first look at an ADA Collection handmade belt, you’ll be drawn in by the spectrum of vivid colors. Look more closely and you’ll notice the fine detail and variety of elegant textures, then step even closer to touch the softest, richest leather you can imagine. It's easy to see and feel what we mean by high quality the moment you come in contact with an ADA handmade belt.

A major factor in the success of ADA Collection is our unusually wide inventory of leathers. Ada doesn't create based simply on what's made available to her, like most leather goods designers – she can envision and make real her most inspired ideas, matching the perfect design to the perfect leather from the hundreds of colors and textures in their leather storerooms.